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About Our Company
OSYS is the first CRM platform made for salespeople, by salespeople. In 2012, our co-founders set out to build a customer relationship management (CRM) tool that helps users visualize their sales processes and get more done.

They knew from experience that in sales, as in life, you can’t control your results, but you can control your actions. So, they created OSYS around activity-based selling, a proven approach that’s all about scheduling, completing and tracking activities.
How will OSYSFX CRM solution help me improve sales?

OSYSFX's visual sales pipeline makes customer relationship management a breeze by allowing you to track leads, spot opportunities, measure key activities, streamline sales workflows and focus on sales success.

Automated reminders and follow-ups increase your productivity, eliminating repetitive, time-consuming tasks. Real-time reports show your sales reps and sales managers what business processes to prioritize.

Our customers average 28% more deals in their first year.

a glimpse into OSYSFX features
  • Reporting and dashboards

    Get detailed reporting on sales and key activities. Track progress against goals in your dashboard

  • Segment leads

    Filter, categorize, segment and sort leads to create targeted lists for personalized communications.
  • Team collaboration

    Collaborate on deals and activities with colleagues. Share updates on sales operations and wins
  • Visual sales pipeline
    See your entire sales process at a glance. Update deals by dragging and dropping them into place.
  • Activity reminders
    Schedule reminders for all your sales activities. Stay on top of all your deals. Never miss a follow-up.
  • Web Forms
    Generate quality leads for your pipeline with fully customizable online forms placed right on your website.

Enrich your business' success with OSYSFX

Designed to keep you selling

Advantages of our company
Our incomparable features and how they aid you
  • Pipeline visibility
    Our CRM combines pipeline visibility and an activity-based sales philosophy that ensures your sales team focuses on the actions that drive deals to close at all times. With Pipedrive, you always know what to do next and can be confident that you’ll never miss an activity.
  • Features, integrations & API
    With full email integration, easy import and export of data, and an open API, you always have the right data — exactly where you need it. Add an extensive set of features designed specifically for salespeople, and you have the perfect tool to help you close deals consistently.
  • Priced to suit your business
    With four pricing tiers and no hidden costs, you can manage your CRM budget reliably and accurately, while retaining the ability to scale up or down on short notice. We also charge per seat, not in user bands like some other CRMs, so you’re paying for exactly the amount of users you have.
Our Clients Experience
  • I used OSYSFX to manage the company's customers, and the results were awesome. Before using it, the sales team saved all the customers' information in a notebook. This wasn't efficient, so I decided to change the game rules, and we increased our productivity quickly. This is a powerful tool for your sales team. Completely recommended.
    Lucie Gulierm
    Project manager in Pixels
  • OSYSFX has great functionalities, it allows us to resolve our sales management, customer database. email marketing management and contacts are also managed very well, it had simple integrations and is very easy to use for our team. OSYSFX also helps our sales team to create sales funnel and getting the best results possible, which is again amazing.
    Sam Willson
    Creative director in DD agency
  • We use OSYSFX to keep track of conversations with potential clients, partners, and vendors, as well as keeping track of to-do items and email communication. It is being used across a few departments within the organization, with the ability to see everything from one centralized location. The ability to limit viewability of the deals makes it easy to integrate across a few layers of the company.
    Sarah Lewin
    Founder of Pic Pen studio
  • We used OSYSFX as a CRM for about a year, ending our subscription with it last year. We wanted something that was easy to use and we were attracted to the notifications it provides users when leads need to be followed up with. It seemed like the right move for a sales organization.
    Alexa Larkins
    Creative director SoSoul magazine
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